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Solving the Supination Dilemma: A Guide to Choosing Best Runners for Supination

Choosing the right running shoe is essential to any runner’s gear. This can be especially challenging for runners with a pronated or supinated gait. If you’re a supinator, finding shoes that offer proper support and cushioning to prevent injuries is important. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best ways to solve the supination dilemma and help you find the best runners for supination. Read on to learn the tips and tricks for choosing the ideal running shoes for supinators.

What Is Supination, And Why Does It Matter For Runners?

Supination is a common foot condition where the feet roll outward when walking or running. This means that the weight of your body is primarily placed on the outside edge of your foot rather than on the ball of your foot or the heel. While supination is a natural movement for the feet, excessive supination can lead to injuries and discomfort for runners.

When you run, your feet take on a lot of impact and stress. Excessive supination can lead to improper alignment of your body, which can cause strain and discomfort in your muscles and joints. This can increase the risk of shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures.

That’s why choosing the right runners is essential if you have a supination. The right shoes can help correct your gait and prevent injuries. So, how do you know if you have a supination?

How to Identify If You Have Supination?

Supination is a natural movement when your foot rolls outward during a stride. However, some individuals tend to excessively supinate, which can cause various foot problems, such as shin splints, knee pain, and even stress fractures. If you experience any of these issues, you may have a supination. Here are some ways to identify it:

Look at your shoes: Examine the wear pattern on the soles of your shoes. You may be a supinator if you see wear on the outside edges of the shoes, especially on the forefoot or heel.

Do a wet foot test: Wet your feet and stand on a flat surface. If you see a distinct curve outside your foot, your foot type may be supinated.

Get a gait analysis: A gait analysis involves a professional examining your stride and foot movement. They can identify your supination and recommend the best shoes to address it.

Remember, it’s always best to seek professional advice if you have foot pain or discomfort. Identifying your foot type and choosing the right shoes can help prevent injury and make your running experience more enjoyable.

best runners for supinationThe Importance of Choosing the Right Shoes for Supination

If you’re a runner who supinates, you know how crucial it is to find the right running shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause discomfort, pain, and even injuries. When you run, your feet bear the impact of each stride. If you supinate, your foot tends to roll outward, causing an uneven distribution of weight and pressure on your foot. This can lead to discomfort and injury.

Choosing the right running shoes can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and ensure running comfort. Running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning can help correct supination and shock absorption and improve your overall running experience.

The right running shoes for supinators will have specific features that support your foot’s unique characteristics. For example, the shoe should have a wide sole, which provides more surface area to distribute the weight and pressure across your foot. It should also have a durable, supportive midsole with ample cushioning and shock absorption.

Another important feature to look for in running shoes for supinators is flexibility. Your feet should move freely while running, and the shoe should have enough flexibility to accommodate your foot’s natural movement. Additionally, shoes with good arch support can help prevent overpronation and keep your foot in a neutral position.

When choosing the right shoes for supination, it’s essential to consider your foot type, the running surface, and your preferred running distance. You should also ensure that the shoes fit well and are comfortable, as an ill-fitting shoe can exacerbate your supination issues.

Investing in a good pair of running shoes that cater to your foot’s unique needs is essential to maintaining healthy feet and reducing your risk of injury. So, take your time and choose the right pair that provides adequate support, cushioning, flexibility, and comfort.

Features To Look For In Runners for Supination

When it comes to selecting the right running shoes for supination, there are certain features that you should look for. These features will help provide the necessary support and stability to keep your feet properly aligned during your runs. Here are some of the key elements to consider:

Cushioning: Look for shoes that provide ample cushioning in the midsole and heel. This will help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet and joints.

Arch support: Since supinators tend to have high arches, choosing shoes that provide adequate arch support is important. This will help distribute your weight evenly and prevent excessive pressure on your feet.

Flexibility: Shoes with a flexible sole can help accommodate the natural rolling motion of your feet. This can help reduce the strain on your muscles and prevent injuries.

Breathability: Choosing shoes that allow your feet to breathe and stay cool during your runs is important. Look for shoes with mesh or breathable materials to help prevent sweat buildup and odour.

Durability: Since supination can cause uneven wear on your shoes, choosing shoes that are durable and can withstand extra wear and tear is important.

Remember, no two feet are alike, so it’s important to try on different brands and styles to find the right fit and features for your specific needs. Feel free to ask for advice from a running store or healthcare professional to help guide your search. Selecting the right runners for supination can help prevent injuries and enjoy a more comfortable, pain-free running experience.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit and Style for Your Foot Type

Now that you understand the importance of choosing the right running shoes for supination, it’s time to find the perfect fit and style for your foot type. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Go for a test run: Don’t just try on the shoes and walk around the store. Go for a quick jog to see how the shoes feel in motion.

Consider the size: Make sure to measure your foot size and try on shoes that are a half size larger than your normal shoes. This will help prevent your toes from hitting the front of the shoe and causing discomfort.

Look for ample cushioning: Since supinators tend to have a high arch, choosing shoes that provide ample cushioning for support is important.

Opt for a wider toe box: Supinators also tend to have wider feet, so choose shoes with a wider toe box to prevent pinching and discomfort.

Consider the shoe material: Look for shoes made of breathable materials to prevent excessive sweating and keep your feet cool.

Try different styles: Different shoes may feel better on your feet depending on your supination level. Some runners prefer a more rigid shoe, while others like a more flexible option.

Remember, finding the perfect pair of running shoes for your supination may take some trial and error. Be bold and try different brands, styles, and sizes until you find the right fit and feel for your foot type.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting Running Shoes for Supination

While finding the right shoe features for supination is important, other factors should be considered when selecting the right runners.

Arch support: Supinators tend to have high arches, so they need shoes that provide adequate arch support. Look for shoes that offer extra cushioning and support around the arch area.

Flexibility: As a supinator, you want to look for shoes that provide flexibility, as your feet tend to be rigid and inflexible. This will allow your feet to move naturally while still offering support.

Weight: Running shoes can be heavy or lightweight, and finding the right balance for your foot type is important. Look for shoes that are lightweight but still offer support and stability.

Breathability: As you run, your feet will naturally sweat. Look for breathable shoes with mesh materials that allow air to flow through and keep your feet cool and dry.

Comfort: Comfort is key when selecting running shoes and is even more important for supinators who need extra support and cushioning. Look for shoes that fit comfortably and don’t rub or cause blisters.

Considering all these factors when selecting your running shoes, you can find the perfect pair for your supination. Remember, every foot is unique, so finding a shoe that works for you and your specific needs is important. Be bold and try on multiple pairs and styles before making your final decision. You can enjoy a comfortable and injury-free running experience with the right shoes.


If you’re a runner who suffers from supination, it’s crucial to find the right running shoes that provide adequate support and stability for your feet. Without the right shoes, you could suffer from painful injuries that could derail your training progress. Following the tips outlined in this guide, you should have no trouble finding the best running shoes for supination that suit your needs, fit your feet properly, and offer the support you need for optimal performance and comfort. Remember to pay attention to other factors like cushioning, breathability, and durability to ensure that your shoes stand up to regular use and provide the support you need over the long term. You can run comfortably, efficiently, and injury-free with the right shoes and proper care.

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